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We are proud to have collaborated with Honeycomb Hi-Fi, a unique and vibrant venue in Dubai that blends eclectic global sounds with Izakaya-style dining. Our team provided a Matterport 3D virtual tour and website design to showcase Honeycomb Hi-Fi’s multifaceted offerings. This includes their rotating art exhibitions, a vinyl record and book shop, and their bespoke Ojas sound system that hosts weekly DJ sets and listening sessions. Our services aimed to capture the essence of Honeycomb Hi-Fi’s commitment to music lovers and food enthusiasts alike, highlighting their classic Izakaya dishes and signature creations by Chef Matt Abergel. We are thrilled to have played a role in bringing the dynamic and soulful experience of Honeycomb Hi-Fi to a wider audience through our digital expertise.

Services Provided

Matterport Tour

Multiple 3D Virtual Tours of Entire Property

Website Design

Bespoke & Captivating Website Design

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About Honeycomb HiFi

Honeycomb Hi-Fi, located in Dubai, offers a unique fusion of eclectic global music and Izakaya-style dining. This vibrant destination stands out with its rotating art exhibitions, a curated vinyl record and book shop, and a bespoke Ojas sound system that sets the stage for weekly DJ sets and listening sessions. Catering to wax enthusiasts and foodies alike, Honeycomb Hi-Fi serves classic Izakaya dishes alongside Chef Matt Abergel’s signature creations, creating a multisensory experience that feeds both the soul and the palate. This innovative space not only celebrates diverse music genres but also acts as a cultural hub for art and culinary delights.