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State-of-the-art CGI

CGI 360 Virtual Tours

Immersive 360-Degree Exploration

Offers a realistic and engaging way for clients to virtually explore spaces in industries like real estate and hotels, enhancing remote viewing experiences.

Hyper-Realistic CGI Visuals

Utilizes advanced CGI to produce highly detailed visuals, capturing the essence of spaces with accuracy and bringing every element to life for viewers.

Interactive Customization

Features interactive elements like information hotspots, embedded media, and tailored tours, improving engagement and showcasing properties or venues effectively.

CGI Image Website

Virtual Staging

CGI Photography

Ultra-Realistic Imagery

Create stunning, high-resolution CGI images that rival traditional photography, perfect for product showcases, architectural visualizations, and advertising campaigns.

Limitless Creative Possibilities

With CGI, transcend the limitations of physical photography, enabling endless creativity in setting, composition, and environment without the need for physical prototypes or locations.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Streamline the content creation process, reducing the need for expensive photo shoots, location fees, and logistical challenges, while offering the flexibility to easily update or modify images as needed.

Higher Sales Price
Faster Closing Time
More Views

Elevating your business presence

Steps involved in our CGI Off Plan Virtual Tours Dubai Process

Our CGI Tours are thoroughly planned from start to finish to ensure that we deliver to spec and on time.

Pre-production Planning
  • Identify the scope and purpose of the CGI 360 virtual tour, including key locations or scenes to be featured.
  • Create a detailed storyboard or shot list outlining the sequence of scenes and interactions within the virtual tour.
  • Plan the technical requirements, such as camera positions, lighting, and any special effects needed for a realistic and immersive experience.
Production and CGI Rendering
  • Capture high-quality 360-degree images or footage using specialized cameras or CGI software for each planned scene.
  • Process and edit the captured content to enhance visual quality, correct any imperfections, and ensure a seamless transition between scenes.
  • Integrate CGI elements, if required, to enhance the virtual environment and create a cohesive, visually appealing tour.
Post-production and Integration
  • Stitch together the edited 360-degree images or footage to create a smooth and immersive virtual experience.
  • Add interactive elements such as hotspots, navigation features, and informational pop-ups to engage users during the tour.
  • Optimize the final virtual tour for various platforms, ensuring compatibility with web browsers, VR devices, or other intended viewing mediums. Test the tour extensively to identify and resolve any potential issues before publishing.

Increase your ROI

Our Latest CGI Off Plan Virtual Tours Dubai Projects

We’ve worked with a number of brands across multiple industries to delivery high quality, effective website solutions.

Meet our CGI Off Plan Virtual Tours Dubai Expert

Reece Andrew is a skilled professional in account management and client relations, currently serving as a Sales Director at Unwrapped Media in Dubai since February 2023. In this role, he brings a wealth of experience in managing key accounts and fostering client relationships to the business.

His previous experience at Bayut, a leading real estate platform, has endowed him with an expert understanding of the real estate industry, equipping him with insights into market trends, property management, and customer needs in the sector.

Reece Andrew

Sales Director

Reece Andrew

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CGI Off Plan Virtual Tours Dubai Frequently Asked Questions

What is CGI virtual tour production?2024-01-17T06:21:02+04:00

CGI virtual tour production involves creating immersive and realistic virtual environments using computer-generated imagery (CGI). It allows users to explore a space or location digitally, often used for showcasing real estate, museums, or other interactive experiences.

How is CGI different from traditional photography in virtual tours?2024-01-17T06:21:28+04:00

CGI allows for the creation of entirely synthetic environments, while traditional photography captures real-world scenes. CGI offers more flexibility in design and customization, enabling the creation of unique and fantastical spaces.

What industries benefit from CGI virtual tours?2024-01-17T06:21:51+04:00

Industries such as real estate, tourism, education, and entertainment benefit from CGI virtual tours. It provides a dynamic and engaging way to present spaces, products, or concepts in a virtual setting.

What software tools are commonly used in CGI virtual tour production?2024-01-17T06:22:18+04:00

Commonly used software tools include 3D modeling software like Blender or Autodesk Maya, rendering engines such as V-Ray or Unreal Engine, and virtual tour platforms like Matterport or Pano2VR.

Can CGI virtual tours be customized to match specific branding or themes?2024-01-17T06:23:04+04:00

Yes, CGI virtual tours are highly customizable. They can be tailored to match specific branding guidelines, themes, or desired atmospheres, providing a unique and cohesive visual experience.

How long does it typically take to produce a CGI virtual tour?2024-01-17T06:23:28+04:00

The production time for CGI virtual tours varies depending on the complexity and scale of the project. Small tours may take a few weeks, while larger and more intricate ones can take several months.

Are CGI virtual tours compatible with virtual reality (VR) devices?2024-01-17T06:25:18+04:00

Yes, many CGI virtual tours are designed to be compatible with VR devices, providing users with a more immersive and interactive experience. This can enhance the sense of presence and realism.

How do updates or changes to a CGI virtual tour work after it’s been produced?2024-01-17T06:25:45+04:00

Updates or changes to a CGI virtual tour can be made by modifying the 3D models or assets and re-rendering the scenes. Depending on the extent of the changes, this process may vary in time and complexity.

What are the potential challenges in CGI virtual tour production?2024-01-17T06:26:09+04:00

Challenges may include achieving realistic lighting and textures, optimizing for different devices and platforms, and ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Additionally, balancing visual quality with production time and costs can be a consideration.

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